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Config Class Reference

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Public Slots

void setAlternatingRowColors (bool)
void setAutoAddAlbums (bool)
void setAutoAddCount (int)
void setAutoAddPos (int)
void setAutoAddSongs (bool)
void setAutoconnect (bool)
void setAutoRemoveSongs (bool)
void setAutoResizeColumns (bool)
void setCoverArtDir (const QString &)
void setCoverFilenameFormat (const QString &)
void setCoverMaxHeight (const QString &)
void setCoverMaxWidth (const QString &)
void setDisregardLeadingThe (bool)
void setEnqueue (bool)
void setExtendedSongInfoEnabled (bool)
void setFilterByAlbumOnly (bool)
void setFont (const QFont &)
void setGuessPattern (const QString &)
void setIconSet (const QString &)
void setLastFmHashedPassword (bool)
void setLastFmPassword (const QString &)
void setLastFmScrobblerTimer (int)
void setLastFmServer (const QString &)
void setLastFmUsername (const QString &)
void setLocale (const QString &)
void setMinimizeToTray (bool)
void setNotificationsEnabled (bool)
void setNotificationsPosition (int)
void setNotificationsTimeout (int)
void setNotifier (int)
void setOpaqueResize (bool)
void setOriginalShortcut (const QString &action, const QString &shortcut)
void setPlaylistPattern (const QString &)
void setReconnect (bool)
void setReconnectTime (int)
void setRecurse (bool)
void setSaveTransientSettings (bool)
void setScrollToPlaying (bool)
void setServers (const QList< ServerInfo > &)
void setShortcut (const QString &action, const QString &shortcut)
void setShowAll (bool)
void setShowCoverArt (bool)
void setShowRemaining (bool)
void setStartHidden (bool)
void setStyleFile (const QString &)
void setSubmitSongsToLastFm (bool)
void setTagGuesserEnabled (bool)
void setTestFilename (const QString &)
void setTimeoutTime (int)
void setTranslate (bool)
void setTrayIconEnabled (bool)


void alternatingChanged (bool)
void autoAddAlbumsChanged (bool)
void autoAddSongsChanged (bool)
void autoResizeChanged (bool)
void filterByAlbumOnlyChanged (bool)
void fontChanged (const QFont &)
void iconSetChanged ()
void localeChanged (const QString &)
void opaqueResizeChanged (bool)
void playlistPatternChanged (const QString &)
void serverListChanged (const QList< ServerInfo > &)
void showAllChanged (bool)
void showCoverArtChanged (bool)
void styleChanged (const QString &)
void trayIconChanged (bool)

Public Member Functions

void addRadioStation (const QString &title, const QString &url)
bool alternatingRowColors () const
bool autoAddAlbums () const
int autoAddCount () const
int autoAddPos () const
bool autoAddSongs () const
bool autoconnect () const
bool autoRemoveSongs () const
bool autoResizeColumns () const
QString cachePath () const
QString coverArtDir () const
QString coverArtFilenameFormat () const
QString coverArtMaxHeight () const
QString coverArtMaxWidth () const
QByteArray directorySplitterSizes () const
bool disregardLeadingThe () const
bool enqueue () const
bool extendedSongInfoEnabled () const
bool filterByAlbumOnly () const
QFont font () const
QString guessPattern () const
QByteArray headerViewState (const QString &) const
QString iconSetPath () const
bool lastFmHashedPassword () const
QString lastFmPassword () const
int lastFmScrobblerTimer () const
QString lastFmServer () const
QString lastFmUsername () const
QByteArray libraryHSplitterSizes () const
QByteArray libraryVSplitterSizes () const
QString locale () const
QString localeFile () const
QByteArray mainSplitterSizes () const
bool minimizeToTray () const
bool notificationsEnabled () const
int notificationsPosition () const
int notificationsTimeout () const
int notifier () const
bool opaqueResize () const
QString playlistPattern () const
QByteArray playlistsSplitterSizes () const
MPDSongList radioStations () const
bool reconnect () const
int reconnectTime () const
bool recurse () const
void removeRadioStations (const MPDSongList &stations)
int rightBarTab ()
bool saveTransientSettings () const
bool scrollToPlaying () const
ServerInfo server (const QString &=QString()) const
QList< ServerInfoservers () const
void setDirectorySplitterSizes (const QByteArray &)
void setHeaderViewState (const QString &, const QByteArray &)
void setLibraryHSplitterSizes (const QByteArray &)
void setLibraryVSplitterSizes (const QByteArray &)
void setMainSplitterSizes (const QByteArray &)
void setPlaylistsSplitterSizes (const QByteArray &)
void setRightBarTab (int)
void setWindowSize (const QSize &)
QString shortcut (const QString &) const
bool showAll () const
bool showCoverArt () const
bool showRemaining () const
bool startHidden () const
QString style (const QString &=QString()) const
QString styleFile () const
bool submitSongsToLastFm () const
QString systemPath () const
bool tagGuesserEnabled () const
QString testFilename () const
int timeoutTime () const
bool translate () const
bool trayIconEnabled () const
QString userPath () const
QSize windowSize () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Configinstance ()

Private Attributes

QString m_cachePath
QMap< QString, QString > m_originalShortcuts
QString m_systemPath
QString m_userPath

Static Private Attributes

static Configm_instance = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file config.h.

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