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LastFmSubmitter Class Reference

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void infoMsg (QString)

Public Member Functions

 LastFmSubmitter (QObject *parent=0)
void setSong (const MPDSong &s)

Protected Slots

void doHandshake ()
void gotNetReply (QNetworkReply *)
void mpdStateUpdated (bool)
void scrobbleCurrent ()
void scrobbleQueued ()
void sendNowPlaying ()

Protected Member Functions

bool ensureHandshaked ()
QByteArray getPasswordHash ()
void scrobbleNp (MPDSong &s)

Protected Attributes

bool m_awaitingHS
bool m_awaitingScrob
MPDSong m_currentSong
int m_currentStarted
int m_failed
QTimer * m_hardFailTimer
QQueue< QPair< MPDSong, int > > m_lastScrobbledSongs
bool m_lastScrobbleFailed
QNetworkAccessManager * m_netAccess
bool m_npPending
QString m_npUrl
QTimer * m_scrobbleRetryTimer
QString m_session
QQueue< QPair< MPDSong, int > > m_songQueue
QString m_subUrl

Private Member Functions

void createScrobblerCacheFileIfRequired ()
QUrl handshakeUrl ()
void readScrobblerCache ()
void writeScrobblerCache ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file lastfmsubmitter.h.

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