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MPD Class Reference

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Public Slots

void clearPlaylist () const
void next () const
void pause () const
void play () const
void prev () const
void seek (int toSeconds) const
void seekBackward ()
void seekForward ()
void setCrossfade (int seconds) const
void setRandom (bool) const
void setRepeat (bool) const
void setVolume (int) const
void shufflePlaylist () const
void stop () const
void togglePlay () const
void volumeDown (int=5) const
void volumeUp (int=5) const


void playingSongUpdated (const MPDSong &)
void playlistUpdated (const MPDSongList &)
void randomUpdated (bool)
void repeatUpdated (bool)
void stateUpdated (bool)
void statsUpdated (const MPDStats &)
void timeUpdated (int, int)
void volumeUpdated (int)

Public Member Functions

void addSongs (const MPDSongList &songs, bool enqueue=true, int atPos=-1) const
int crossfade () const
bool isPaused () const
bool isPlaying () const
void jumpPlaylistSong (const MPDSong &song) const
void moveSongs (const MPDSongList &songs, int toPos) const
void removeSongs (const MPDSongList &songs) const
void toggleOutputDevice (int id, bool enabled) const

Static Public Member Functions

static MPDinstance ()

Private Slots

void poll ()

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static MPDm_instance = 0


struct MPDPrivate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file mpd.h.

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