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MPDStatus Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  State { STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, UNKNOWN }

Public Member Functions

int bitRate () const
int bits () const
int channels () const
int crossfade () const
int elapsedTime () const
QString error () const
 MPDStatus (mpd_Status *)
 MPDStatus (const MPDStatus &)
MPDStatusoperator= (const MPDStatus &)
long long playlist () const
int playlistLength () const
int random () const
int repeat () const
unsigned int sampleRate () const
void setElapsedTime (int time)
int song () const
int songid () const
int state () const
int totalTime () const
int updatingDb () const
int volume () const

Private Attributes

< MPDStatusPrivate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file mpdstatus.h.

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