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ShoutcastFetcher Class Reference

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void errorFetching (QNetworkReply::NetworkError error, const QString &errorString)
void genresAvailable ()
void newStationsAvailable (const QString &keyWord)
void playlistAvailable (const ShoutcastStation &station)

Public Member Functions

void fetchGenres (const QUrl &uri)
void fetchPlaylistsForStation (const ShoutcastStation &station)
void fetchStations (const QString &keyWord, const QUrl &uri)
QStringList genres () const
bool hasPlaylistsForStation (const ShoutcastStation &station) const
bool hasStationsForKeyword (const QString &keyWord) const
QList< QUrl > playlistForStation (const ShoutcastStation &station) const
 ShoutcastFetcher (QObject *parent=0)
ShoutcastStationList stationsForKeyword (const QString &keyWord) const

Private Slots

void genresAvailable (QIODevice *openInputDevice)
void newStationsAvailable (const QString &host, QIODevice *openInputDevice, const QString &keyword)
void playlistDownloaded (PlsFile *file)
void replyFinished (QNetworkReply *reply)

Private Attributes

QStringList m_genres
QMap< QString,
ShoutcastStationList > 
QNetworkAccessManager * m_networkManager
QMap< QUrl, ShoutcastStationm_pendingPlaylistUrlsForStation
QMap< QUrl, QString > m_pendingUrlAndKeyWords
QMap< ShoutcastStation,
QSharedPointer< PlsFile > > 
bool m_success

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file shoutcastfetcher.h.

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