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 * QMPDClient - An MPD client written in Qt 4.
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2008 HÃ¥vard Tautra Knutsen <havtknut@tihlde.org>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.

#ifndef CONFIG_H
#define CONFIG_H

#include <QSettings>

class MPDSongList;
class QFont;
class ServerInfo;

00029 class Config : public QSettings {

      static Config *instance();

      QString cachePath() const;
      QString systemPath() const;
      QString userPath() const;

      // Server settings
      bool autoconnect() const;
      bool reconnect() const;
      int reconnectTime() const;
      int timeoutTime() const;
      QList<ServerInfo> servers() const;
      ServerInfo server(const QString & = QString()) const;

      // Look and feel
      bool alternatingRowColors() const;
      bool autoResizeColumns() const;
      bool enqueue() const;
      QFont font() const;
      bool opaqueResize() const;
      bool scrollToPlaying() const;
      bool showRemaining() const;

      // Look and feel subpages
      QString iconSetPath() const;
      bool filterByAlbumOnly() const;
      bool disregardLeadingThe() const;
      QString playlistPattern() const;
      bool recurse() const;
      bool showAll() const;
      QString style(const QString & = QString()) const;
      QString styleFile() const;
      bool showCoverArt() const;
      QString coverArtDir() const;
      QString coverArtMaxHeight() const;
      QString coverArtMaxWidth() const;
      QString coverArtFilenameFormat() const;

      // Shortcuts
      QString shortcut(const QString &) const;

      // Language
      QString locale() const;
      QString localeFile() const;
      bool translate() const;

      // Popups
      bool notificationsEnabled() const;
      int notificationsPosition() const;
      int notificationsTimeout() const;
      int notifier() const;

      // Tray icon
      bool minimizeToTray() const;
      bool startHidden() const;
      bool trayIconEnabled() const;
      bool extendedSongInfoEnabled() const;

      // Dynamic playlist
      int autoAddCount() const;
      int autoAddPos() const;
      bool autoAddSongs() const;
      bool autoAddAlbums() const;
      bool autoRemoveSongs() const;

      // Last.fm
      bool submitSongsToLastFm() const;
      QString lastFmUsername() const;
      QString lastFmPassword() const;
      bool lastFmHashedPassword() const;
      int lastFmScrobblerTimer() const;
      QString lastFmServer() const;

      // Tag guesser
      QString guessPattern() const;
      bool tagGuesserEnabled() const;
      QString testFilename() const;

      // Window and splitter sizes
      void setDirectorySplitterSizes(const QByteArray &);
      void setLibraryHSplitterSizes(const QByteArray &);
      void setLibraryVSplitterSizes(const QByteArray &);
      void setMainSplitterSizes(const QByteArray &);
      void setPlaylistsSplitterSizes(const QByteArray &);
      void setRightBarTab(int);
      void setWindowSize(const QSize &);
        bool saveTransientSettings() const;
      QByteArray directorySplitterSizes() const;
      QByteArray libraryHSplitterSizes() const;
      QByteArray libraryVSplitterSizes() const;
      QByteArray mainSplitterSizes() const;
      QByteArray playlistsSplitterSizes() const;
        int rightBarTab();
      QSize windowSize() const;

      // View's properties
      void setHeaderViewState(const QString &, const QByteArray &);
      QByteArray headerViewState(const QString &) const;

      // Radio stations
      void addRadioStation(const QString &title, const QString &url);
      void removeRadioStations(const MPDSongList &stations);
      MPDSongList radioStations() const;

public slots:
      // Server settings
      void setAutoconnect(bool);
      void setServers(const QList<ServerInfo> &);
      void setReconnect(bool);
      void setReconnectTime(int);
      void setTimeoutTime(int);

      // Look and feel
        void setSaveTransientSettings(bool);
      void setAlternatingRowColors(bool);
      void setAutoResizeColumns(bool);
      void setEnqueue(bool);
      void setFont(const QFont &);
      void setOpaqueResize(bool);
      void setRecurse(bool);
      void setShowAll(bool);
      void setShowRemaining(bool);

      // Look and feel subpages
      void setFilterByAlbumOnly(bool);
      void setIconSet(const QString &);
      void setPlaylistPattern(const QString &);
      void setDisregardLeadingThe(bool);
      void setScrollToPlaying(bool);
      void setStyleFile(const QString &);
      void setShowCoverArt(bool);
      void setCoverArtDir(const QString &);
      void setCoverMaxHeight(const QString &);
      void setCoverMaxWidth(const QString &);
      void setCoverFilenameFormat(const QString &);

      // Shortcuts
      void setOriginalShortcut(const QString &action, const QString &shortcut);
      void setShortcut(const QString &action, const QString &shortcut);

      // Language
      void setLocale(const QString &);
      void setTranslate(bool);

      // Notifications
      void setNotificationsEnabled(bool);
      void setNotificationsPosition(int);
      void setNotificationsTimeout(int);
      void setNotifier(int);

      // Tray icon
      void setMinimizeToTray(bool);
      void setStartHidden(bool);
      void setTrayIconEnabled(bool);
      void setExtendedSongInfoEnabled(bool);

      // Dynamic playlist
      void setAutoAddCount(int);
      void setAutoAddPos(int);
      void setAutoAddSongs(bool);
      void setAutoAddAlbums(bool);
      void setAutoRemoveSongs(bool);

      // Tag guesser
      void setGuessPattern(const QString &);
      void setTagGuesserEnabled(bool);
      void setTestFilename(const QString &);

      // Last.fm
      void setSubmitSongsToLastFm(bool);
      void setLastFmUsername(const QString &);
      void setLastFmPassword(const QString &);
      void setLastFmHashedPassword(bool);
      void setLastFmScrobblerTimer(int);
      void setLastFmServer(const QString &);

      void alternatingChanged(bool);
      void autoResizeChanged(bool);
      void filterByAlbumOnlyChanged(bool);
      void fontChanged(const QFont &);
      void iconSetChanged();
      void localeChanged(const QString &);
      void opaqueResizeChanged(bool);
      void playlistPatternChanged(const QString &);
      void serverListChanged(const QList<ServerInfo> &);
      void showAllChanged(bool);
      void showCoverArtChanged(bool);
      void styleChanged(const QString &);
      void trayIconChanged(bool);
      void autoAddSongsChanged(bool);
      void autoAddAlbumsChanged(bool);


      static Config *m_instance;
      QString m_cachePath, m_systemPath, m_userPath;
      QMap<QString, QString> m_originalShortcuts;

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