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MPDCachePrivate Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

MPDSongList cacheAlbumSongs (const QStringList &)
MPDSongList cacheArtistSongs (const QStringList &)
MPDSongList cacheDirectorySongs (const QList< MPDDirectory > &)
MPDSongList cachePlaylistSongs (const MPDSongList &)
void disconnected ()
bool isConnected ()
void load ()
MPDSongList playlists ()
void save ()
MPDSongList songsByAlbums (const QStringList &)
MPDSongList songsByArtists (const QStringList &)
void updateLibrary (bool reread)
void updatePlaylists (bool reread)

Public Attributes

QMap< QString, MPDSongListalbumSongMap
bool allCached
QMap< QString, QSet< QString > > artistAlbumMap
QStringList artists
QMap< QString, MPDSongListartistSongMap
QString cachePath
QStringList files
bool loadCache
QMap< QString, MPDDirectorypathDirectoryMap
QMap< MPDSong, MPDSongListplaylistMap
MPDDirectory root
MPDStats stats

Private Member Functions

void cacheArtists ()
 Cache stuff.
void cacheDirectories ()
void cacheEverything ()
void clearArtistCache ()
void clearDirectoryCache ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file mpdcache_p.h.

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